Blob Wars

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The rules are very simple.

In the game Blob Wars, you can spawn a blob into an adjacent space, or you can jump into an open space one square away. Select a blob in your group by clicking on it. When selected, your blob will be highlighted, and the possible moves you can make will be shown in light and dark blue boxes. Tap the checked box to complete your move.

Your blob will double or duplicate with one square move, and a new blob will appear where you selected while the original blob remains in place. Your starting position will be gone after moving two squares. Any of your opponent's blobs that are immediately adjacent to you after you move will be seized and changed into your blobs. When the board is full or you are unable to move, the player with the most blobs wins.

Game Wars has 8 difficulty levels.

Your starting level is "Very easy" so you can easily get used to the gameplay and the rules specified in this game. and based on whether you win or lose, it will alter automatically. The difficulty rises in subsequent levels.