Bowser Ball

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About Bowser Ball

Bowser Ball is a fun push-ball game. Do you want to participate in a pushball competition on a small island? Push all your opponents into the sea to win.

Welcome to the fierce competition of the ball guys in the game Bowser Ball. Are you ready to compete with so many different opponents on this small island? Let's start the game in Bowser Ball game to enjoy the most fun game ever. There are 3 different maps corresponding to each different playing field for you to choose from. If you are ready to roll the ball completing the mission of the game Bowser Ball, join now!

Bowser Ball game, giving you a game of pushing the ball with many other players. First, when entering the competition, you need to quickly determine which is your own ball character. You can then go attack your opponent by moving fast towards him and pushing him under the sea. However, defeating your opponent is not easy. Because they all have a certain edge. You should not be complacent about your competitors. Because he also wants to push you into the sea. To be as safe as possible. You should move to the middle of the island. Once you get used to the movement and pushing mechanics of the ball character, you can attack more.