Bugs Bunny Builders Match Up

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Matching card game that challenges your memory

Bugs Bunny Builders Match Up is a game in the Cartoonito series of games. We are sure that you will have a fun puzzle game with all your favorite cartoon characters. This game helps you train your memory. You need to remember the position of the cards with the same image. The cards are only turned over for a while and then turned face down. You need to memorize quickly and cover all the cards. Start the game to prove you have a good memory. If you have difficulty at high levels, you can ask your friends for help. Let's play and overcome the challenges here!

How to quickly memorize pictures

First you need to look at the whole picture. You will easily spot similar images placed right next to each other. After determining where the photos are close together, you can locate other photos. Note you should look in turn. It is important that you practice agile observation skills. And you need to focus, otherwise, you will get confused about where the photos are.

How to play the game Bugs Bunny Builders Match Up

Use your mouse to click two cards at once to remove them from the screen. You keep doing this until there are no pictures left on the game screen, and you will be transferred to the next level. You need to pay attention to the time because time is limited and it is counting down to test your memory.