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Fun online Carrom board game

It's definitely difficult to play this famous aim-and-shoot game online. Since it was first developed in India, Carrom has drawn players from all over the world. The conventional rules are used in this variation of the old board game. Customize your pieces with a large selection of items that are unlockable! Present your personal flair to players from around the world!

Rules of the game Carrom online

  • Each player has eight movements available to them. Each player will have a turn.
  • Keep the numbered tokens in your pocket. Sliders can be moved left or right by holding the slider in place. The player must slide it up or down after positioning it to choose the shot's force. Finally, aim the token with the arrow and release it to fire.
  • Use the 3x multiplier round to increase your point total. In every game, the player takes part in a 3x multiplier round, during which any tokens they keep will be worth 3x as many points as they indicate on the token. In the 3x multiplier round, the player receives 15 points if they successfully pocket a token with the number 5.
  • Keep track of valuable numbered tokens to score bonus points. To make it simple to identify high-value tokens, the three tokens on the board with the highest values are always marked always.
  • Making the most of your eight moves will allow you to outscore your opponent and win the game.