Connect Dots

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Test your wits in Connect Dots

If you are a person who always likes to challenge yourself in interesting puzzle games, the Connect Dots game is a great suggestion for you. Challenging puzzles will keep you entertained. l This game is a refreshing brain game. It uses geometric shapes and drawings created by lines to challenge you.

Connect Dots is a much-loved geometry puzzle game. What better way to combine playing games and training your logical thinking? This game will help you improve your ability to apply your mind to basic geometry. Your challenge is to complete the drawing with brush strokes. All the strokes are straight lines and they are connected at points. Take turns to draw strokes to complete the drawing.

Rules you need to know in the game Connect Dots

You need to know your mission in Connect Dots and have a good understanding of how to play it before starting a fun puzzle in this game.

Drawing rules

Since all drawings are made up of straight lines, it is very easy to make the strokes. However, you can only go through each point once. Therefore, the sequence of each stroke is extremely important. If you draw in the wrong order, you will not be able to complete the drawing. But you can try more than once because this game has a team replay mode. The puzzle is also thanks to that less difficult. You just need to be really patient and wait until you find a reasonable order of coloring.

How to make the strokes

You just need to click at the beginning of the line and select the end of the line to make your strokes.