Daily Dadish

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Enjoy an exciting adventure

Daily Dadish is a fun adventure game with 365 levels. Do you want to go on a long journey with the turnip character? Let's conquer all the levels here!

Are you ready for a long adventure game like Daily Dadish? It lasts for an entire year! A classic platformer called Daily Dadish has over 365 handcrafted levels, one for each day of the year. Beat the levels as soon as you can because they are only playable for one day each. Fight difficult foes, discover fascinating personalities, and assist Dadish in finding his missing children once more.

Help the radish dad find his kids

In Daily Dadish game, your mission is to command the turnip father figure as he looks after his kids. By jumping over barriers and overcoming them, you can advance. Combine your efforts to find the child at all costs. On this cushioned path, you'll face a number of obstacles. To avoid lethal traps, you must keep a constant eye on your surroundings and employ cunning. In contrast to earlier Dadish games, this one features a new level every day, which makes it unique. You won't get tired of playing this game because of its legendary soundtrack and 10 unlocked characters. Are you prepared for a 12-month father's journey?