Diagonal Sudoku

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The playing rules of Diagonal Sudoku

Try Diagonal Sudoku which is a difficult puzzle game. Fill a grid with digits in order for every 3x3 square and 2 diagonal lines to have the numbers from 1-9.

This game is played by filling a 9x9 grid with digits. Make sure that every 3x3 square and two diagonal lines have the numbers from 1 to 9. If you can do that you will win the game. If you want to check whether this number is correct or not, click the Check button. The Clear button will help you delete the numbers you enter. Note that the game has no timer. Therefore, you can spend all day playing the game. Come on! Play this game now. It will put your intelligence and mathematical ability to the test. If you are keen on this game, take a look at Animals Words 2022, Text Twist 2, and Waffle Game on our website.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to choose the numbers.

Pro tips to win Diagonal Sudoku

  • Always look for missing numbers.
  • Utilize your scanning techniques.
  • Do not focus on one place too long as this will consume your time.
  • Be patient when you play the game.