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About Dordle

Do you know playing the word puzzle game Dordle? It is a more challenging version of the original Wordle game. Your task is to guess two words at once.

If you are a fan of the Wordle word puzzle game then you can't miss the amazing Dordle game. You will feel excited when the challenge is doubled. you need to find 2 words at once instead of just finding a single word like the original version. The ongoing interaction that occurs in the game will be quite familiar to anyone who has played a similar game. Two five-letter formulations with a total of seven separate hypotheses must be created. In essence, you start by associating a term. And you'll be able to gauge how close you are when you express your notion.

The rules and gameplay of the game are comparable to Wordle. The crossword you select will be grayed out if the text you selected is incorrect. If yes, but you enter the wrong place it will be displayed in orange. and if a green box is used to represent it in the word, then you are correct. It is important to be able to recognize at least one of the two keywords after the sixth attempt since you only have seven attempts. alternatively, type the word straight into the box if you successfully predict one of the phrases.


  • Use the mouse to perform tasks.