Draw the Bridge

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Logic game for car lovers

At first, Draw the Bridge appears to be a very straightforward online game. Your main objective is to create a path that the automobile can follow to get to the level's end while navigating all the obstacles. In doing so, you'll also make an effort to acquire as many stars as you can. You have access to 30 stages in all, each one becoming harder, so you won't get bored. The game is also compatible with mobile devices. So give it a try and complete every level while collecting every star!

Perform the task of drawing the path

Join the Draw The Bridge game to help the vehicle move through obstacles. Draw a path for your car so that it can move through the hole. When this car wants to ask for your help so that he can return home sooner. You use a giant pen and draw the shortest path for him. There are 30 drawing levels in this game, each requiring logic, accuracy, and skill. This game does a great job of conveying a wide range of emotions. You will find this game to be incredibly rewarding if you give it the proper amount of time. Select the ideal activity to let your creativity run wild.