Drift 3

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About Drift 3

In the amazing game Drift 3 you can drive like a pro. On an aerial track, you can choose between driving your favorite cars and conquering the track.

Show off your best driving skills while admiring the beautiful and endless racing tracks in Drift 3. When the Drift 3 game first begins, you can test drive the vehicle that will be your companion while you explore the initial road frames. To pass the initial exam, all you need to do is click and release driving is really simple. In the video game Drift 3, you must maneuver the car through the above road frames by performing a series of Zick Zack spins.

With fantastic cars in the garage, Drift 3 will enthrall you. You can choose from eight different cars in this game, including a police car, an ice cream truck, a taxi, and a fire engine, to join the race. The competition won't end until a winner is determined. Along with you, seven other players enjoyed the race. By navigating challenging bends, you can demonstrate your driving abilities. Avoid going outside to write your name on the top. It would help if you use caution because the road is not very wide. You can drive in the appropriate direction by using the map in the top-right corner of the screen.