Drive Mad

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Vehicles in the game Drive Mad

Monster truck can be understood as a pickup truck with massive parts but extraordinary power. This truck represents intense power to its owners. The monster truck name has slowly entered the market with its beauty roaring on huge wheels that swoop through the mud, jump, drag, pick up large clouds of dust, and damage vehicles. The performance of this car has left a huge impression in the hearts of people and created competition within themselves.

There are 100 levels in the game Drive Mad

Are you ready to conquer all 100 challenging roads in this game? If you are a racer who loves adventure and conquering challenges, I am sure that you can absolutely do this. The difficulty increased with each level. The first levels are easy to pass. It is made to get you familiar with the physics of this monster truck. However, when the difficulty increases, you need to make good use of the car control skills that you have accumulated in the previous levels. Wish you soon conquer all these challenging races!