Duck Bumps

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About Duck Bumps

Duck Bumps is a pixel game about the war of cute ducks. Your task in this game is to control your duck so that it jumps on top of other ducks to score points.

Are you prepared for a fun game in Duck World's Duck Bumps game? The ducklings are adorable. The Duck Bumps game is not to be missed if you enjoy ducks. You'll be taking part in an adorable duckling fight. To gain an advantage over your rivals, you must leap on top of them. You will receive points for killing another duckling. The most important criterion in determining who wins in this game is score.

The fantastic game that accommodates up to four players is called Duck Bumps. Play against some adorable animals who are all rivals in the Zomboids Challenge like a two-player game, or even with up to four players! Before playing Duck Bumps, there are a few things you need to know to maximize your score. Watch out for those ducks first, since they could still hit you. Four players or more on a single device For added unpredictability, use the random level modifier. Getting Started: For control, use the buttons in the corner. Tap more than once to soar! Get points by hitting other ducks.