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Explore the beautiful world of ducks

Ducklings.io recreates a beautiful world of ducks. At a blue lake, you are an adult duck. You already have all the skills to swim and move proficiently on the water. You can swim around to see the beautiful scenery here. In the game Ducklings.io, you will feel a sense of gentle relaxation. You will enjoy a peaceful space.

Your mission in the game Ducklings.io

Ducklings.io is an entertaining game that brings a lot of deal of time. You play as an adult duck. Your task is to swim around in the vast lake. You will encounter ducklings. They are new to swimming and getting used to this environment. So they are very confused. Help them find their way back to their nest. It looks like they are lost and can't find their way home. Your score will be calculated according to the number of ducklings you rescue. You control the duck's swimming direction by hovering over the mouse.