Hidden Words Challenge

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About Hidden Words Challenge

Finding hidden keywords in the alphabet is the goal of the Hidden Words Challenge word puzzle game. Try to find all the words in this fun puzzle game.

The Hidden Words Challenge is a word game with a unique twist. It's a combination of classic word search and hidden object games, but with an Arctic theme! In this challenging game, you have to find hidden words in each level to level up. Each level of the Hidden Word game has five hidden words scattered somewhere on the screen. When you tap the letters, you'll see if they're part of the word. You have to find all 5 words in as few taps as possible. After you complete the first Hidden Word challenge, there will be another, even harder challenge waiting for you.

In the Hidden Words Challenge game, you will be given a board of letters that you need to explore and find the hidden words. It may not sound easy, but keep reading to learn how you can gain an edge! The Hidden Words Challenge has many difficulty levels. You can play the games in easy, medium, or hard modes. Each difficulty level has different letters provided in the grid. The trick is that there are no duplicate letters in the found string of words.

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