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About Hurdle

Join the Hurdle word puzzle challenge now! It's based on the original Wordle version so has similar gameplay. However, you need to find 6 words at once.

All puzzle games are appreciated because they can both entertain and help you train your brain agility. The hurdle is such a game. As you play this fantastic word puzzle game you will conquer each puzzle one by one and know that your vocabulary is improving daily. For this guessing game, you are free to use whatever word you like. If the term is correct, you will be successful. In Word Hurdle, you are given a free space to exercise your imagination. This game is well-known because it offers players a wealth of novel experiences, exercises their brains, and sharpens their reasoning faculties.

The Hurdle game is not an easy game to conquer. It would help if you had a wide vocabulary and flexible choices to get the right answer. The difficulty in this version of the word puzzle game is increased many times when the number of words you need to guess is 6 words. It's quite challenging, so don't try to come up with the ideal word straight soon. Any term will eventually lead you to the answer. Avoid using complex terminology. Instead, choose a language that is widely understood. Pick words with several letters. You'll be inspired to attempt more letters after reading this.

This game is playable on both PC and mobile devices, which is similar to Octordle, Dordle, and Quordle.


  • Use your mouse to click on the letters of your choice. Then click Enter to test.