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About Interplanetary

Join the game Interplanetary to start a war on another planet. You play as an astronaut, and when you arrive on a new planet, you will join a war to attack aliens.

Are you ready to join the game Interplanetary to start the war on a brand new planet? If you love being an astronaut, then the Interplanetary game will give you this amazing experience. You play as an astronaut with another teammate. They are exploring a whole new universe. Where there are many planets that humans have never known. However, to be able to explore these planets you need to fight aliens. Not only that, but you also have to face many dangers, because there are many obstacles on this planet. Are you brave enough to face the difficulties at the game Interplanetary? Start the Interplanetary game now and conquer the challenge on this new planet.

Three worlds will be involved in the quest. Find the second and third planets by playing yourself. This is the first planet, Mercury. Astronauts who are unable to return to Earth will attempt to reach Earth by scouting the planets. Their adversaries will make an effort to destroy them in the meantime. You must exercise caution since aliens are attempting to kill astronauts. By the way, the astronauts intend to share the diamonds they discover on the planets with the rest of the world. You can gather bluestone with a spaceship, yellowstone with a smaller one, and greenstone with a larger one.