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Brand new puzzle game

Are you ready to start the fun puzzle game JelloTetrix? If you are a puzzle game lover, then this is a game you cannot miss. This is a puzzle game, but it is surprisingly creative. It's not a boring, classic puzzle game. The JelloTetrix game gives you a unique experience when the blocks are laid out on a physics basis. This creates an effect that makes the falling blocks more vivid. It staggers like blocks of jelly. Beautiful graphics with bright colors, along with these amazing effects, make the game fun and engaging. Start to conquer jigsaw challenges and enjoy new creations now!

Instructions for playing the JelloTetrix game

Perhaps the puzzle games are too familiar to all players. Surely you can play by yourself without any help. The gameplay of the game is similar to other games of the same genre. To increase your score and improve your skills, stack blocks on top of each other by filling in the gaps until you complete one or more lines and clear them from the screen.