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About Kirka.io

Kirka.io is an online FPS shooting game with Minecraft's most beloved characters. There are many game modes and many ideal locations waiting for you to join.

Are you prepared to take part in the shooting game with the current most popular character? Kirka.io is a multiplayer online shooting game inspired by Minecraft. Assume the role of the final survivor in the war in this first-person shooter. You'll play the game against a variety of opponents from around the globe. Utilize abilities and strategies to win the game while avoiding early elimination. A first-person shooter game that can be played in your browser without downloading or logging in is quite competitive. Create an account to start earning experience, leveling up, and winning prizes.

In the game Kirka.io, choose your character and weapons from your inventory to begin your mission. Purchase chests to expand your inventory with rare gear and weapons. Kirka.io is the game you've been waiting for if you enjoy playing first-person shooters with a Minecraft theme. You and your squad of outcasts are forced into deadly competition with other players from all across the world in this game. You'll aim to kill as many opponents as you can in an effort to be the last person standing. Create an account to obtain rewards, experience, and higher levels!