Knife Storm

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About Knife Storm

Exciting knife-tasting game Knife Storm has 3 different modes, but the ultimate goal is to hit the moving fruit with the knife to score points.

In the Knife Storm game, are you prepared to display your expert knife skills? Are you an expert knife user? If you are sure of your skills, start playing Knife Storm right away. Due to its accessibility to beginners, Knife Storm is comparable to Flying Cut in terms of difficulty. The high score is definitely possible if your reactions are quick. You can have fun playing Knife Storm at any moment. During your break from school, play Knife Storm with your pals to its wholeness.

Three game options are available in the mega-knife stick game Knife Storm. Classic, Shooting, and Ninja are these modes. You will insert your knife into fruit, wood, and various other things in the traditional game mode rounded. In the shooting mode, you'll try to slice the fruits that emerge, and in the ninja mode, you can use a mouse-mounted knife to slice the fruit. Be careful not to cut the explosive. You fail if you cut the bomb. This game can be played with one or two players.