Line Drawing: Car Road

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The character's love journey

Two characters in the puzzle game Line Drawing: Car Road are having a happy relationship. They understood each other. They love each other and want to stay together for the rest of their lives. Can you help them reach their destination through love? In the game Line Drawing: Car Road you will need to solve puzzles by drawing paths for cars. This car needs to pick up the couple and take them to the destination with the pink heart shape. When you reach your destination, you will be given a new puzzle. You will complete your task when you solve all the puzzles in this game.

How to draw the right path

To solve the puzzle in the game Line Drawing: Car Road, you need to use your intelligence. In the early levels, everything is extremely easy. However, the challenge will come to you when you have reached higher levels. You can try multiple times. Try out all the ideas that come to mind. Try to draw the most logical path. The puzzle will be solved after many tries. If you can't find the right way, you can ask your friends for help. Have fun playing the game and solving a lot of difficult puzzles here!