Match 4

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A fun number puzzle game

In the Match 4 game, you need to merge the numbers on the screen and make the highest score possible to win. This is a simple game that you can play to have a lot of fun. Playing the game only requires placing the hexagons such that at least four blocks have the same value together. It is possible to collect five, six or even seven blocks for a high score. In addition, you can do it both vertically and horizontally. These squares will disappear once you capture them, giving you more room to play on the board.

How to play Match 4

To place numbered blocks, you can click or tap. To combine, match 4 identical integers. You have to be mindful of your playing style. To get the highest score possible, choose the smartest playing strategy for you. Your number board will collapse if you mix four blocks with the same number. This improves the situation of subsequent countries. The game ends when the entire board is filled. To get a high score at the top of the scoreboard, try to collect as many stars as possible.