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About Mathler

A great math themed puzzle game is Mathler. Practice your math skills by finding the correct equation in this game. Let's find out the most correct answer!

Mathler game is inspired by the word puzzle game Wordle. If you know the game Wordle, you will feel very familiar when starting the game Mathler. This is a math puzzle game like Nerdle. However, all you need is an equation, not a math operation. It is because of this difference that you will face a more difficult challenge. This game is a form of training your ability to memorize math equations.

The game Mathler has exactly the same rules as Wordle. Green boxes indicate that you have put the right number or operator in their position, orange boxes indicate that they are present in the equation but not where they should be, and gray boxes indicate that they are not part of the sentence response. However, you will need to create a sound equation rather than guessing a word. Although the layout is well known, finishing each Mathler is no simple task.

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  • Use the mouse to play now.