Monkey Mart

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Doing business in the world of monkeys

Monkey Mart game for you to experience the trading world of monkeys extremely interesting. You are a monkey with a fruit stall. Try to serve customers! Monkey Mart is a game for people who love business activities. In a completely different world, this is the world of cute monkeys. You play as a monkey who despises a fruit stall. You need to do a lot of work at the same time to run your business. Customers are crowded, and you need to scale your sales quickly.

The job of a fruit stall owner in the game Monkey Mart

First you need to go collect capital. Then you are the first banana tree and wait for the tree to bear fruit. After you have bananas at the stall, the customers will come to buy them. And thanks to that, you have more money to continue to plant more banana trees to increase productivity and increase income. Have many of your employees bring products to your stall. Start your business from the very beginning. Then you will have a powerful fruit business empire of your own. Have a great time playing Monkey Mart!