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About Nerdle

Are you ready to join the Nerdle math puzzle game? Your task is to correctly guess a calculation. Use your wits to complete this mission.

Nerdle is one of the most loved puzzle games. Do you love math? If you want to improve your computing power, I recommend playing the Nerdle game every day. Nerdle is a Wordle variant used to generate a straightforward mathematical equation using numbers and symbols. Play Nerdle with as many equations as you want! Recall your math classes when you learned about "sequence of operations"? Calculate division and multiplication first, don't forget.

The game appears challenging at first glance. You'll need some time to comprehend it completely as you arrange the numbers on the tiles and their color changes. Depending on whether the equations or numbers you input are true or false, various color codes shout at you. After six tries, you will be given the opportunity to correctly identify the Nerdle by selecting the "word" that covers eight cells. Each time you make a prediction, the color of the tiles will change to indicate how close you were to being right. Green means that the number is accurate and appropriate. If it is purple, it is in the incorrect location in the answer. You should remember that the black boxes show you that there are not any correct answers here. Good luck!

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  • Use the mouse to play.