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Opportunity to practice calculation ability

Welcome to the rewarding game Nullify. If you love math and want to practice your math skills, this is a great game for you to play in your spare time. You will be performing basic calculations to pass this level. The difficulty of the game will increase as you play more after a warm-up with easy questions. You should carefully weigh your options as the game comes up with more calculations. Use your wits to do the calculations in the correct order. Try to complete 56 levels in this game.

How to play the game Nullify

This game has extremely simple gameplay that is easy to understand. You just need to grasp the principles of this game. You need to combine the number tiles on the screen so that the final result is zero. You do this by using the mouse. You left-click and drag the number of boxes you want to combine together. When many number cells appear, drag the number cells in turn in the order you want to perform the math. Have a nice time playing Nullify game.