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About Outspell

Outspell is a word puzzle game that challenges the player's memory and intelligence. If you are confident with your old puzzle skills then start this game now!

Are you ready to play Outspell? You'll need to use your brain and memory to complete this puzzle game for one person. It mostly assesses your capacity for creative thought and sound recognition. The game Outspell tests both your memory and brainpower. To score points, players must use tiles to spell words. It employs a novel technique where the colors of the tiles aid in locating the word you must correctly spell in order to score. If you get stuck at any stage, there are clues that provide just enough details for you to find the term you're looking for. You can also use your own language or word-generation software.

There are three stages in this game, and each one is more difficult than the last. Simple shapes including circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles are covered in the first level. In the second level, there are more intricate shapes like hexagons, angled triangles, pentagons, and semicircles. Finding a concealed image in an impossible shape made up of at least six shapes is a challenge on the third level. To try to identify the shape, you'll need to use your vision.

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  • You use the mouse to click on the letter you want to select for the answer.