Papa Donuteria

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Donut bakery business in the game Papa Donuteria

The donuts are lovely and delicious. Sometimes we buy things purely for aesthetic reasons. Even if you do not eat, it is difficult to resist the attraction of a delicious donut. Therefore, it is not surprising that Papa decided to set up a donut shop. Launch of the bakery at Powder Point Amusement Park. You will manage a donut shop in a prosperous town called Powder Point. The wave of customers will come as the holiday season approaches, order and wait for quick service.

Duties of a bakery manager

If you want to learn more about working at a donut business, keep reading this description all the way to the conclusion! You will begin by accepting customer orders. Then you have to cook the food according to the instructions to make the request. Then the consumer has to receive the product and then you have to collect the money to buy the meal. Delight as many customers as you can every day while making as much money as you can. Try not to keep customers waiting for their food too long to avoid being fired.