Pizza Tower

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Pizza Tower is an action-adventure game

This journey takes place when chef Peppino decides to protect his pizza from the forces of evil. He is the owner of a handy little pizzeria. He loves baking and is passionate about each of his pizzas. His little bakery has a lot of customers ordering because the cakes here are amazing. However, his little cake gadget is suddenly attacked by multiple attacks. To protect it, he had to start his journey to attack the enemy base. Please accompany Peppino to help him overcome all the challenges here.

Instructions on how to control the character Peppino

Pizza Tower includes 5 levels with many different challenges. You will meet a lot of goblins, and they are constantly on the move to guard the place. To overcome them, press the X key. This is how to activate your acceleration skill. When you speed up, you can run through these goblins without fear of affecting your score. When moving normally, you can use the right arrow key and the Z key together to jump over obstacles. Also, do not forget to collect a lot of items to increase the score. If you encounter ladders, press the up arrow key to climb the ladder. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the character control mechanics. Once you've mastered it, it won't be that difficult to implement all of these skills to overcome the challenge. I wish you could complete this adventure!