Puzzle Freak

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Join the Puzzle Freak puzzle game to find the smartest one

Due to the fact that it is one of those multiplayer online board games that you may play with numerous pals, Puzzle Freak is a game that falls under both the puzzle games and the 4 Player Games categories. It's similar to Monopoly but not quite because it has puzzles. Show the world how brilliant you are by striving to be the finest puzzler on the planet!

Description of how to play Puzzle Freak

It depends on how many players you decide to include in the game, though you are free to play by yourself if you like. Having more friends makes life more enjoyable, we promise. When it's your turn, everyone else will move on, and it's up to you to solve the riddles and outperform them. Try out this game now and perhaps even recommend it to your friends, who could also be looking for cool things!

There are two different sorts of squares on the board: puzzle squares and unique "chance" squares. One of 14 different puzzle types is picked at random and placed on each tile. Chances squares have the power to advance or impede your play. Depending on how difficult it is, every puzzle has a distinct time restriction. Depending on how quickly you solve puzzles, you are given different IQ points; the faster you are, the more points you receive.