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About Quordle

Quordle is a fun word puzzle game you should try. This is a game developed based on the original Wordle, the player has to predict four words simultaneously.

A more challenging version of Wordle is called Game Quordle. Try to solve four words at once to see how well you can do it. Play more words than you have in the past that contain several letters. By mixing words, use as many distinct consonants as you can. If your standard method is to employ all the vowels at once, consider creating new phrases that only contain one vowel.

In the Quordle game, your goal is to solve all four words before time runs out, so avoid using all of your guesses on a single word since you might only need one. one of the three remaining words on the screen by using the appropriate number of them. The proper alphabet is highlighted when necessary in each word. The blank will illuminate green if the letter is appropriately positioned like it is in Wordle. On the other hand, the letter will be highlighted in yellow if it is right but is in the wrong place. The gray-highlighted letters are completely absent from the grid.


  • Use your mouse to play and try to solve all of them correctly in 9 guesses to win.