Snakes and Ladders Ultra

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Try your luck

Snakes and Ladders Ultra is a very simple and fun game, based on absolute chance. With special gameplay and beautiful graphics, this game is loved by many people. A super game with snakes and ladders as the starting gameplay option for up to four players. Roll the dice and move along the board. If you're lucky, you don't get trapped. If you fall into a trap, you go back and start over. It is a game suitable for both families and children.

How to play this game

You can play this game with one to four players. To move between different chessboard places, you will need to roll the dice. On your journey there, snakes will draw you down, and a ladder will lift you to a higher position.

The ability to collect stars along the road to your target, which can move you forward or backward in some spots, is another awesome feature of this Legend of Snakes and Ladders game.

Your mission in the game Snake and Ladders

The goal of the game is to move your piece from the beginning (number 1) to the conclusion (number 100) while dodging obstacles like ladders and snakes along the way this application. The winner is the person who completes the final square (100) first.