Sort It Puzzle

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Fun puzzle game you should try

Join an extremely interesting logic game in the game Sort It Puzzle with colored solutions. Your task is to separate the colors so that each test tube has only one color. The color-sorting game Ball Sort Puzzle is a good way to unwind and have fun while also exercising your brain. As soon as possible, group balls of the same hue in tubes such that they are all present in the same tube. A brain-training game that's both hard and relaxing! This game has very simple gameplay. It is suitable for all types of players. The Sort It Puzzle game can be played in your spare time. It is suitable for the burning time. You can absolutely play a logic game like this for a long time without getting bored. The important thing to do to pass the level is to sort the colors in the test tube.

Tips to make color grading easier

You will need to prepare ahead of time if you want to sort the solution from the test tubes you have in the Ball Sort Puzzle game. You must look for test tubes that are empty, or at the very least, test tubes into which you are permitted to pour the desired amount of sand. You will start the game with only two test tubes, but as you advance, you will need to match an increasing number of colors in order to pass each level. You must be aware of the water's hue because only liquids of the same color can be blended.