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About Speedboats.io

Speedboats.io is a 3D speedboat simulation game with ramps and weapons. Choose a color for your boat, then start cruising around the bay to run away from enemies.

Are you prepared to attack enemy ships in the online game Speedboats.io? The game Speedboats.io tests your ability to endure a naval fight. Within this cooperative game, you can look for new weaponry. Find your next target by sailing around the lighthouse, then keep shooting! must avoid opposing strikes and make an effort to shoot down your adversaries. Utilize ramps to escape crossfire and attain top-80s style.

As you kill your opponents, power-ups will appear at random, so be aggressive and take control right away. Hit hard and hit quickly because each power-up only lasts for 30 seconds or until you die! However, exercise caution because hitting objects will harm your boat. Each kill earns 100 points plus an additional 25 points for each one that follows. If you collide, are blown up by an opponent, or meet your end, you lose 50 points. To take the top spot on the leaderboard, destroy your competitors and trick the dead.