Squid Game

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About Squid Game

Squid Game is an exciting action game based on the famous movie of the same name. This game simulates the red light game - one of the series made in this movie.

Are you ready to join the amazing Squid Game? It is a great survival game you should try now! Compete in 7 mini-games with 30 players based on the viral Netflix show Squid Game. In the first mini-game, you will have to sneak toward the doll without being seen in the red light or green light. Online Ink Games is one of the best and most popular Squid Games thanks to its huge online matches and challenging mini-games. Jump into the game and avoid being shot by the Masked Men!

Squid Game replicates a program that blends challenges from kid-friendly media with survival drama. The masterminds have, however, given beneficial activities a sinister spin. In Red Light Green Light, for instance, a single error results in death. Are you sure you can handle this challenge? However, gamers are particularly affected by the idea. Being directly involved in lethal trials in a computer simulation seems quite thrilling. The troops will shoot you and you will lose if you proceed through a red light. With fantastic prizes, triumph.