Sum Blocks

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Fun and useful math game

Learn math with simple addition in the game Sum Blocks. Use the given numbers to do the correct calculation. Enjoy simple or complex calculations. Training the ability to count is one of the most effective ways to improve the brain. You will get many benefits from practicing mental arithmetic every day. However, not everyone is interested in doing this. You need something more fun to play with and calculate with than the game Sum Blocks. It's just some simple additions. But it will certainly delight you.

How to play this fascinating sum game

Your task is to drag the number box given below into the total area to get the required result. These are extremely simple calculations, so you can easily complete them. However, you try to give the results as quickly as possible to stimulate your brain to calculate quickly. The Sum Blocks game has all 50 levels waiting for you to conquer. Luuw notes that you need to use matching blocks, as individual blocks intersect each other, making the challenge even more difficult. Most importantly, the result of the sum must be correct. Don't forget to double-check the numbers to add the correct numbers.