Text Twist

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The playing rules of Text Twist

Text Twist is an awesome word game created by GameHouse. Rearrange the letters to form words consisting of three, four, or five letters to get a high score.

This game is inviting fans who are fond of word games such as Outspell, Waffle Game, and Octordle. Try it out! In this game, your mission is to reorganize available letters to create meaningful words. These words can consist of three, four, or five letters. After entering the letters, you can click on the Enter button to check whether this word is correct or not. If it is correct, it will be shown on the grid at the left of the screen and you will gain many points. Note that the time is limited. Therefore, you should be quick. Try to fill the grid at the left before the time is over. Do your best to gain the highest possible score.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.