Two Punk Racing

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You will travel into the future with Two Punk Racing

Roads and buildings are merged in this new era. With amazing sports cars, demonstrate your driving prowess over these cities' roads! You'll need to beat the clock and finish the stages within the allocated time in order to unlock new automobiles.
Introduced by Two Punk Racing are seven specially adapted cars. Because of their neon decorations, today's vehicles are more potent and can also transport you to the punk scene. In order to accomplish the six levels, which are located throughout the city, you must demonstrate your driving prowess.

How to play this racing game

You can play 1 player mode or 2 player split screen mode. You can speed up your car using speed signs on the road. You're required to use your unlocked car to complete new episodes, because every second counts. When your car goes over a ramp, you can keep it on the road by moving right or left. Also, try to accelerate on winding roads to eliminate the effects of gravity on your car! Now, if you're ready to race, get motivated and win the game!