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About Weaver

Do you want to improve your word processing skills in the game Weaver? This game will pose puzzles to increase your ability to use words.

Weaver is comparable to today's most well-liked puzzle video games. You will receive the first and last keywords from Weaver. Do you feel comfortable with your vocabulary? The game requires you to master your vocabulary in order to have the best strategy to win, therefore it's not as easy as you might believe. Have you ever considered how much your vocabulary can grow if you take the time to search for new words? You can use the vast vocabulary that you have created to your advantage in daily life. The derived new words have a ton of information about them when you look them up.

Try to use the suggested words to find the right answer. You have up to 6 attempts to try. If you can guess the missing word right away, that's really cool. Please enter that word to check whether the answer is correct. If one of the letters you entered is in the wrong place it will be displayed in orange. If the letter you entered is incorrect and not in the answer, it will be displayed in a gray box. If the letter you entered is correct, it will be displayed in a green box. You can rely on these signs to find the most accurate answer.

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  • To solve the puzzle, use the mouse.