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About Wordle

Let's start the fascinating word puzzle game Wordle right now! Wordle has become popular among word puzzle enthusiasts. You have a total of 6 attempts.

Your task in the game Wordle is that you have to guess a different five-letter word at each level. There are only six chances to guess the word correctly before you run out of chances. As you guess in each attempt, the algorithm will let you know which letters you choose are in the final goal word and whether they are in the right order. You keep taking a chance on guessing in an effort to figure out the puzzle.

There are some rules you need to know when playing Wordle games. The incorrect letter will cause you to become gray. It will become yellow if an appropriate letter is put in the incorrect spot. If the letter is spelled correctly and is in the right place, it will become green. No plural response will ever be provided. A letter may appear twice or even three times in a word.


You will be guessed "WORDLE" in six attempts. For each guess, you need to guess 5 valid letters. Then use the mouse to click. To see if you guessed correctly, the color of the cells will change to show how close you are to the word.