Wordle Squared

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About Wordle Squared

Wordle Squared is a game you should try if you've ever played Wordle. In Wordle Squared, you must complete the crossword by using Wordle hints.

Are you prepared to play the Wordle Squared word game? In order to make it more interesting, the name has been changed, but otherwise, it is a Wordle game. You can figure out the answer to the word puzzle if you've done it before. To guess every letter in the grid, you have nine guesses for each tile. You can see how near each letter in the grid is with each guess.

To choose a word from the grid, click in an empty spot. Click again to choose between words that go up and down or left and right. To find every letter in the grid, you have nine guesses on each tile. You will understand how each letter goes in the grid before making a guess. You have to input the correct letter if the text is green. This square is displayed in the response. Despite not being in this location, the letter is concealed in both words by this box and is represented by the yellow letter. There are no letters in this vertical or column word, which is shown in gray text.