Zombie Derby 2

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About Zombie Derby 2

In the scary driving game Zombie Derby 2, your goal is to steer your automobile into a wall of zombies so you can safely cross the finish line.

In Zombie Derby 2, you must maneuver your vehicle through the terrifying zombies' rampages. Utilize the combat prowess of your car to eliminate them so you may finish the month as a hero. You will receive money for finishing each path and eliminating zombies. Upgrade your car with the money earned. Keep in mind that you only receive a certain amount of energy at each level. Therefore, improving the car is crucial to being able to get there.

Different kinds of cars are available, but to unlock them, you must first finish levels. Zombies can only be killed by a particular vehicle colliding with them. There are vehicles that have a gun that can kill zombies more quickly. Complete as many of the stages to unlock as many vehicles as you can. Kill all zombies by combat. To move forward, press the W key or the up arrow key. To activate nitro, press the N key. To tilt the car, press the AD key or the left and right arrow keys. The area where obstacles and undead can be shot.