Zuma Vooz

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Aim and shoot challenge in Zuma Vooz game

Vooz are colorful puffballs that at first glance appear cute, but they are actually quite dangerous because they stand in for your enemies, whom you must defeat in order to save your land. They are all designed in the style of an online Zuma game, which is and always will be one of the best match-3 and bubble shooter combinations!

With fur balls like Woobies, a variety of upgrades to choose from, and cannons on carriages that move sideways like in Zuma Luxor, Zuma Vooz is a fantastic game. Do not let the creatures collide and reach the middle of the screen, where the houses are, since if that happens, you will lose and have to start from the beginning.

The very simple principle of the game Zuma Vooz

When three or more identically colored little balls are clustered together, they will disappear, so use the mouse to shoot at them. Your goal is to eliminate the birds before they get to the city's entrance and eat you. Every stage of the game involves defending a different city. Biological entities follow a separate trajectory or ring of motion. You'll discover that you can't shoot the bird starting on the second level due to the barriers. Removing the obstruction is the answer. Become the next victor! To pass a level, remove each ball from a path. The new levels will include a lot of challenges and different perks that the player can employ to move through them more quickly.